Massage FAQs

Massage FAQs

What to expect from a Massage Treatment

A Consultation will be carried out to a tailored plan of treatment for the client, with a relaxing atmosphere in a private and quiet treatment room, Holistic treatments treat the individual as a whole, taking all points into consideration for the clients well-being., their health, emotional and physical to ensure that all areas of health are covered to ensure the best results for the client. Certain items of clothing will be needed to be removed to carry out the massage and depending on what areas of the body need to be worked upon and access to these areas, will be expressed to the client prior treatment and all necessary measures to ensure the clients modesty and privacy are respected at all times and covers and towels to perform the massage are used in this manner.

All belongings and clothing is stored in a basket which is kept within the clients view and is stored in this manner for safety and to carry out the massage safely free form restrictions such as Jewellery. The client can store away in their bags, during treatments. Supports for the client are placed, appropriately for with the clients comfort and safety at all times. Massage mediums such as oils such as Grapeseed are perfect for, massage, and the nourishing properties of the skin. Cream can be used with added Essential Oils for treatments or to carrier oil, also talc maybe used to carry out the massage.

What are the Benefits of Massage

Massage is a manipulation of the soft Tissues of the body, with the aim to bring positive effects for the systems of the body and the mind. The Blood circulation is improved through the manipulation of the body’s tissues through the massage techniques, Metabolism is improved by the increase in circulation. The Skin is improved through the exfoliation of the massage and along with the emollient effect of the mediums used, such as oils and creams and improve the appearance of the skin.

How many treatments will I need

The first Therapy of Massage is carried out with a full consultation for health & lifestyle to tailor the therapy to the individual requirements of the client to formulate the best plan to aid relaxation and stress relief. This will take longer on the first therapy. Follow-up treatments can vary for different people, a few sessions will benefit the client to see any differences. Then future appointments can be every 1-2 months to keep the therapy benefits best results.