Reflexology FAQs

Reflexology FAQs


What to expect from a Reflexology session

A full consultation for health & Lifestyle will be carried out prior to treatment being carried out to ensure that the treatment plan is tailored to the individual client’s requirements. The treatment is a balancing treatment to create harmony and equilibrium for the body. The client needs to remove their socks or tights, which are placed in a basket for the client and placed safely for the client under the couch during treatment.  The treatment is carried out on a couch, with a reclined back for the clients comfort and a cushion to support their head. Support is placed under the client’s knees and ankles to give added comfort. Also the client is covered with a comfortable blanket for their comfort. During the therapy, the feet are cleansed with a peppermint & Tea tree spray to refresh the feet.  The feet are massaged with a different creams and lotions to nourish & hydrating finish to the feet and to then carry out the Reflexology.

The Benefits of Reflexology

*The Reflexology has a holistic approach and balances the energy of the body to return the bodies systems to a state of equilibrium on a mental and emotional, as well as the physical. Circulation is increased in the body.
* The Lymphatic system is boosted, which helps to improve immunity and the removal of toxins from tissues. The treatment encourages the body to eliminate toxins and impurities and this is evident through the increase in activity of the Kidneys and Digestive system.
Reflexology is deeply relaxing and relieving mental and physical fatigue. *Reflexology creates a feeling of well-being, as the Endorphins in the body are released.

How can Reflexology help me

Reflexology can help to ease pain, as the pressure on the different points of the feet; it stimulates the nervous system and calms at the same time. A balancing effect on the Endocrine system serves many different functions of the nervous system. Encourages a deeply relaxed state, the body imitates its own healing process, Reflexology does not heal the body does. The effects of Reflexology, can be felt after the first session, regular treatment will maintain the effects.

Follow up treatments

This can vary depending on the presenting problems or why the Reflexology was carried out to start, from the initial consultation and treatment plan for the individual client. Usually 4 treatments initially, to feel the full benefits for the client and this can be 2 treatments a week to 1 a week and then followed by a maintenance of once a month to maintain the work and health benefits carried out.